From the recording The Brambles Greatest Hits

Music and lyrics by: Carly Rae Powers
Bethany Vocals/Tambourine
Carly Vocals/Ukulele
Jeff Kranzler Upright Bass
Mario Calire Drums


If you ever feel
the need to rest your head
you can rest your
head in my bed

and dont you be afraid
of the monsters you might see
I will keep them at bay
just keep looking at me

I hear you talking
to yourself in your sleep
you are telling the secrets
you said you would keep

I know it's hard to be
scared of the night
not to worry dear
I'm hear to hold you tight

if you ever feel like
your gonna fall apart
I will eat your heart (x2)
lock it up inside
to keep it safe from harm
I will eat your heart (x2)

Don't you listen to the voices
that are coming from out of site
the only voice here is mine
telling you goodnight

it's awfully hard to be afraid
to close your eyes
things wouldnt be so hard
if you let your fears subside


don't you let those boys and girls
get you down
nothing from the dark
will hurt you now
just as long as I'm around
so you can close your eyes
and say goodnight
I promise not to let them...